Sultan Bangsa, SH
President Director

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb Warm Regards and Greetings Prosperity for all of us. Progress of time leads to renewal and competition in all areas. The presence of a professional advocate as a doorstop of any issue that is owned by all legal subjects, regardless of the form of the problem. Let us together hand in hand to form Indonesia with a better legal system. The law serves the entire interests of the community. All categories and levels of society. Since the law was created out of the people, by the people and for the people. Greetings Young Lawyer ! Sultan Bangsa & Partners Law Firm.

Our Law Firm
We are a law firm which was established on January 14, 2005. Devote our selves to serve all legal purposes for the individual, as well as for companies retainer. We continue to grow and innovate. Hiring professionals qualified young lawyers primed to join and create an atmosphere of law offices remote from the stiff and scary. We believe that our biggest motivation is sincere to make improvements in all areas of the legal system, which of course starts from the first step begins with our own, providing the best legal services and a strong commitment. We exist because of a belief. We live as we believe, and you give your trust to us.